2. International Conference on Final Skins

The organisers of the ISWA BEACON 2nd International Conference on Final Skins, are inviting experts from academia, research and development institutions, consultants in the field of waste and environmental management, and others to register for the conference which will take place at the Aalto University Dipoli Congress Centre, Espoo, Finland on 16th to 18th May 2013. 

Following the very successful first conference on Final Skins held in Vienna in 2010, the follow up event aims to address different topics regarding the handling of material flows and stocks from the perspective of waste and residuals management, with special emphasis on safe skins for harmful materials and substances emitted and extracted from anthropogenic material cycles. The 2013 conference will cover themes such as safe final skins; sources, types and composition of harmful materials; removal of harmful substances from material cycles, future needs for handling material flows and stock to minimize harmful substances; and landfill aftercare.

The organizers have announced a number of Keynote presentations to be held at this year’s conference:

  • Welcome address by David Newman (IT), President of ISWA
  • Final Skins as key elements for building a sustainable recycling society, Paul H. Brunner (AT)
  • The landfill as a final skin for chemical waste? – Lessons to be learned from Switzerland, Roland Weber (DE) 
  • Treatment of unsorted C&D waste – clarification of the state of the art and specification of a quota of recycling, Elmar Khun (CH)
  • Do we mange consumption wastes from a sinks point of view? Juhn Kaila (FI)

The preliminary program is available here

For further information please go to finalskins.aalto.fi 

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