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Re-use and the informal sector in Europe
Final Conference
of the CENTRAL EUROPE Project “TransWaste”
24th and 25th September 2012
Hotel Gellért, Budapest, Hungary

The Waste Framework Directive 2008 introduced a new waste hierarchy setting up a priority order favouring waste prevention and preparing for re-use followed by recycling and other recovery measures and disposal at last.

At the moment lots of valuable re-useable goods are incinerated or landfilled as components of the bulky waste stream. Also parts of WEEE are disposed of despite the fact that they are still functioning. Therefore strategies have to be developed in order to support re-use. On the other hand re-usable items trade serve as income possibility for informal collectors and provides affordable products for the less privileged. This type of informal re-use is neglected or opposed so far. This conference wants to bring together people and/or organisations

  • dealing with re-use in general,
  • that collect, repair and sell furniture and household goods, which people donate in an official way,
  • dealing with the informal sector in waste management
  • to give the possibility to learn about and discuss different case studies and solutions for the re-use idea with a special focus on the informal sector.

The conference is hosted by TransWaste, an ERDF founded Central Europe project working on that topic since 2009. Amongst others the following speakers will share their experiences on the topic and discuss with you:

Peter Börkey,
OECD Environment Directorate, Paris
Topic: “Sustainable management of materials in mobile phones”

Ian D. Williams
Waste Management Research Group, University of Southampton
Topic: “Greening academia: Mechanisms for improving the environmental performance of a university”

Anne Scheinberg
WASTE – advisers on urban environment and development, Gouda
Topic: “Organising waste pickers in Europe”

Gudrun Obersteiner
Project leader of TransWaste, Institute of Waste Management, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Topic: “The TransWaste Project”

Katie Killeen
Community re-use network, Ireland
Topic: “The Community Re-use network in Ireland”

Maya Battisti
Occhio del Riciclone, Italy
Topic: “The competitive advantages of the popular collection of waste”

Matthias Neitsch
RepaNet Austria, Vienna
Topic: “Re-use networks in Austria”


ARGE Waste Prevention Association
Sandra Meier

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