Picture of the Month

Picture of the month – May 2014 / Bildquelle urbanmining

Picture of the month – May

Many resources, concentrated on a confined space, that's what many cities are like. Here, for example, La Paz, the third biggest city in Bolivia. In 1548 it was founded by Alonso de Mendoza ...

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Anker eines Elektromotors, in der Mitte durchgeschnitten

Picture of the Month – April

The inner part of an engine, the so called anchor, cut through in the middle. Pure steel which can be reused entirely. Bild des Monats: Metallener Anker Das Innenstück eines...

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Picture of the month - March 2014/Bildquelle urbanmining.at

Picture of the Month – March

Along a highway in Turkmenistan we found this abandoned conveyor system. It consists almost entirely of iron, which could be recycled. But probably the disassembly and further transport to...

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Picture of the Month – February

An industrialised apartment block in Tashkent, descending from the time when Uzbekistan was still part of the USSR. The advantage of these buildings was that fast living space was created...

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Picture of the Month – January

Wall debris, metal cross braces and the remains of a roof structure, are all tell tale signs that an industrial building is being demolished. Segments of the copper roofing as well as...

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Picture of the Month – December

This machine, which can be found in the Technical Museum in Vienna, used to be operated with a bellows. The picture above shows the impressive cog wheels made ​​of cast iron, which form ...

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Picture of the Month – November

Tungsten carbide is the name used to refer to steel hardened with carbide. This type of metal can withstand being used as a tool or drill bit better than other materials, a property that...

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